Green Lake - 2014

Stage 1- Remediation

I was contacted to look at a potential mold and water damage situation.

The house had been unoccupied.  The in-floor heating system had a burst a pipe in the floor that had gone unnoticed.  The crawl space was filled with water and the floor joists were infested with black mold.

After submitting a report and quote for work, I was hired to remediate the crawl space. 

We first dried the space with fans and dehumidifiers.  We then used dry ice to blast the mold  off the wood structure.  This stage was followed by spraying an industrial disinfectant over the entire area and lastly spraying a mold inhibiter throughout.  An air scrubber was used for 2 weeks to complete the process.

Stage 2- Rebuild

1200 sq  ft of floor was affected by this leak.  The hardwood floor was ripped up.  1-1/2” of concrete was removed.  Once removed the plywood surface was vacuumed and disinfected.

The new radiant heating was laid, new concrete poured and new engineered hardwood installed throughout, including the curved staircase.  Walls were repainted for a complete fresh finish.

Stage 3- Exterior refinish

The exterior of the home was in need of refinish and a new look.

The surfaces were prepared for new paint.  We worked with the owners abroad presenting them with colour options and proceeded with the work.